4 Mind-Boggling Cricket Facts

4 Mind-Boggling Cricket Facts, When you see the title of this article, the cricket specialist in you must have called up: “how can I not understand something about cricket”?. Well, we appreciate your expertise but there are however some small items that anyone can drop or not come over. So we have done a deliberate attempt to make a list of mind-boggling cricket facts that you may not be conscious of. Please see that they are in no particular order.

1. Virat Kohli has taken a wicket off the “0th” ball of his career

Virat Kohli has established such unique records with the bat that we usually ignore that he was a fit medium-pace seamer first in his career. He was handed the ball for the first time in his career in 2011 on England in a T20I.

He was bowling to Kevin Pietersen. He stopped bowling a full first up and Pietersen who was rushing down to hit Kohli for a boundary was stumped down the leg-side by MS Dhoni. So, Kohli didn’t bowl a free ball in international cricket as his first ball was wrong but since a stumping work in the story of the bowler, he had a wicket!

So, finally, Kohli had a wicket off the “0th” ball of his career.

2. Kapil Dev has not missed a single international match due to injury.

Kapil Dev, arguably, India’s largest-ever all-rounder has never wanted a cricket match due to an offence. He, of course, has dropped matches and also was shot once but has not dropped a free match owing to an offence. 

For a fast bowler to have worked for over 16 years and has won over 600 wickets and never have wanted a match due to an offence is a different action. It must be seen that health management in that era was not as pronounced as they are in the modern period.

3. Sachin Tendulkar was not the first person to score 200 in ODI cricket

We all are die-hard supporters of Sachin Tendulkar as he has provided us with many of joy rising up. We connect most of the batting records with him. Really, he does take most of them over. A number of people believed that he was the first player to score a second century in ODI cricket when he scored 200 not out on South Africa in 2010. But, he was the first male cricketer to complete so.

4. The story behind the logo of the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

The logo of the 1999 Cricket World Cup which was taken in the UK was a bowling performance. The logo was based on no one more but the Indian new ball bowler Debashis Mohanty who started the bowling for India alongside Venkatesh Prasad in that match.

He was a likely fast bowler. After all, his work was kind enough to encourage the logo of the World Cup. But, his career was cut low by cuts and loss of chances to play.

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