4 Reasons That Make HUM TV’s Parizaad A Must Watch!

4 Reasons That Make HUM TV’s Parizaad A Must Watch! There are a few things that assist you to distinguish between a good drama and a big one. HUM TV’s Parizaad has all those elements that make it happen in the most famous drama category, also before its airing. Want to grasp why? Well, first you will have to work through the first teaser and get out what it’s all about. After that, move forward to get out the four reasons that make Parizaad a must-watch TV drama.

It has a star cast to die for!

We all remember that Ahmed Ali Akbar and Yumna Zaidi look ideal for each other, and their hit dramas as a couple are proof of that. But, he is joined here with a lot of beautiful girls besides the skilled Yumna Zaidi, and that does it all the more enjoyable. There is the secret Urwa Hocane as his employer (or his wife, or daughter), the tomboyish Saboor Ali as his childhood friend, the beautiful Ushna Shah as his student and love affair, and the beautiful Mashal Khan, fresh from the end of Dulhan and Khawabnagar Ki Shehzadi to provide him company.

That’s not all, you have veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz is an essential part here, besides Mohammad Ahmed, Adnan Shah Tipu, Saleem Meraj, Madiha Rizvi, Kiran Taber, and Salma Hassan to name some actors who will be performing Parizaad powerful. Add to that Ahmed Ali Akbar’s blackened look and you know precisely what you will be going into, before going into it!

Mystery, Action, Thrill … it has ‘em all!

When was the last time you attended a car hunt in a local TV drama? What if I show you that the same drama has a training series where the hero meets the railway track while it is progressing? No, I am not speaking about a Salman Khan movie or a Hollywood flick, but Pakistani drama Parizaad that has everything that comes into the action thriller category. Aside from that, the story behind the large mansions, secret meetings, and late-night rendezvous in all weight transfers Parizaad the sort of magic touch we all want for on TV.

Hashim Nadeem has penned the script!

With Hashim Nadeem’s name added to the script, you don’t want an institution but a calendar; so that you understand which day you will have to have free for TV. He did miracles with Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb, was first in Raqs e Bismil, and his fans will be demanding the same system here in Parizaad. Why is Ahmed Ali Akbar’s look blackened here? Why is he asked Parizaad? Why do people have to strike him? And why does a man with so deep self-esteem has so numerous choices when it comes to love? Watch Parizaad get out all the answers to your questions!

And then there was that OST!

Composed by Waqar Ali, sung by Asrar and a music video that highlights shots from a drama lead by a cinematographer who became director Shehzad Kashmiri, Parizaad has an OST that exceeds all match. It involves the viewers who need to focus on the song with the visuals and the viewers who like the visuals with the lyrics, as both are high-class and popular. The review of all the actors in these series is enough to get you to ignore every other drama that is currently on air, and now wait impatiently for what can simply be the greatest achievement of 2021.

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