5 Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 13 Beta Right Now

Quickly after the opening WWDC 2019 theme ended, Apple issued the first developer beta of iOS 13. As the name shows, this developer beta is meant just for developers. But, given the sheer number of changes and developments that iOS 13 packs, many old users must be wanting to install the OS on their iPhone or iPad. If you are in the identical boat, I am here to destroy the company for you by giving you some ideas for not installing the iOS 13 beta on your iPhone directly away.

There are quite a few ideas for one to not install the iOS 13 beta on their iPhone or iPad notwithstanding the appeal of working out the new pieces the OS packs. Here are some of them.

Why You Should Not Install iOS 13 Beta Right Now

1. Installation is Difficult

Apple has launched a curveball with the iOS 13 developer beta. Up until iOS 12, installing a developer beta needed one to install a beta profile form file on their iPhone or iPad. This approach worked too if an iPhone/iPad owner did not have a Developer story. With the iOS 13 developer beta, Apple has done things hard.

You want to make certain that your Mac is going either the macOS 10.15 beta or Xcode 11 beta. Plus, one wants to download the whole iOS 13 beta IPSW file for their project which is a large download. Then, utilising iTunes, 1 will have to install the IPSW firmware file on their iPhone or iPad. The whole process is almost complex and most users are expected going to consider installing the iOS 13 beta on their iPhone.

2. Betas are Buggy

Apple has just published the first developer beta of iOS 13. The OS is not still in the public beta announcement stage true now as the first beta is surely meant for developers. The ‘developer beta’ tag does it rather clear that this build of iOS 13 is the carriage and filled with security and special effects. That’s normal for any beta announcement as Apple will fix these problems over the next few months before the public announcement of iOS 13 in September.

3. Broken Features

You might be moved to install iOS 13 on your iPhone/iPad because of the innovations it packs. But since this is only the first developer beta of the OS, most of the new pieces are only partly operating or are broken. Apple is working to fix these weak characteristics over the next few months as it delivers more iOS 13 betas to the public and developers for trial.

4. Incompatible Third-Party Apps

Also if you bite the ball and end up fixing iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad, you are forced to face another major problem: conflict with third-party apps. Plenty of third-party apps will just decline to work under iOS 13 or just plain crash when started. This is somewhat common when the OS gets a significant underlying update which is the problem with iOS 13. Developers have several months to make their app for iOS 13 and it would be silly to require them to run out and deliver an app update to fix iOS 13 agreement results right away.

5. No Support

Since iOS 13 is yet in the development platforms, you are not working to get any help from Apple or app developers for any problems that you are viewing. If you are going the developer beta of iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad, Apple requires you to present bug stories and feedback for any problems and bugs that you find. Rather than Apple helping you, the reverse happens while working on developer beta: you want to help Apple in securing the final announcement of iOS 13 is bug-free.

As for app developers, they can simply state that their apps don’t help iOS 13 yet and so they won’t be ready to help you with any problem that you are viewing.

If your iPhone or iPad is your everyday driver for a meaningful amount of work, you should visit away from installing iOS 13 on it proper now. Alternatively, wait till later this month when Apple delivers the first public beta of iOS 13 which is working to be very careful to install.

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