Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is pushing panic for several purposes. It’s a new virus, meaning no one has freedom. It is very infectious, meaning it grows quick. Its creation means that scientists aren’t quite certain as to how it works since they have very much history to go on.

FACT: Hand sanitisers can be used often

An alcohol-based sanitiser does not produce the antibiotic cover. Unlike other antiseptics and antibiotics, pathogens (dangerous germs) do not appear to develop immunity to alcohol-based sanitisers.

FACT: Alcohol-based sanitisers are safe for everyone to use

Alcohol in the sanitisers has not been given to create any related health problems. Little alcohol is incorporated into the skin, and most results contain an emollient to decrease skin dryness. Allergic touch dermatitis and bleaching of control hair due to alcohol are very rare opposing forces. Inadvertent swallowing and drunkenness have been reported in few cases.

FACT: Alcohol-based sanitisers can be used in religions where alcohol is prohibited

Any manufactured substance developed to relieve disease or provide to better health is authorised by the Qur’an, including alcohol used as a medical assistant. 

FACT: It is safer to frequently clean your hands and not wear gloves

Wearing gloves risks carrying germs from one cover to another and spoiling your hands when pushing them. Wearing gloves does not follow washing hands. Health workers use gloves only for special tasks.

FACT: Touching a communal bottle of alcohol-based sanitiser will not infect you

Once you’ve sanitized your hands, you have cleaned them from any bacteria that may have been on the glass. If everyone uses sanitiser in a public area such as a supermarket approach, the chance of germs on shared items will be more economical and will assist keep everyone secure.

FACT: An alcohol-based hand rub is listed as a WHO essential medicine

Clean hands defend patients, health workers, other caregivers and everyone from disease. Cleaning your hands is one of the key steps to stop the disease.

FACT: The amount of alcohol-based sanitiser you use matters

Apply a palmful of alcohol-based sanitiser to reach all covers of your hands. Rub your hands commonly using the right way till they are hard.

The whole system should last 20-30 seconds.

FACT: Clinical trials confirm that hydroxychloroquine does not prevent illness or death from COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, a standard method for malaria and some autoimmune diseases, has been considered as preventative medicine for COVID-19. Data from these studies show that hydroxychloroquine has limited to no influence on disease, hospitalization, or death. 

Let’s flatten the infodemic curve

We are all being shown a large number of COVID-19 information daily, and not all of it is good.

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