Facebook Alternatives 2021 – Conservative, Free Speech

Facebook Alternatives 2021, if you’re looking for Facebook alternatives to preserve your rights, read this article to find the one that suits your requirements.

In 2006, an online social networking site titled Facebook used the internet world for violence. Facebook has spectacularly transformed the way we socialize and is one of the programs which has asked every physical barrier. The same great scale that makes it so valuable also causes privacy concerns, constant tracking, security breaches, and general dominance extra-condition.

Are you on the quest for a traditional Facebook alternative? Several good social media networking websites haven’t got worthy attention yet and have survived in the darknesses of Facebook’s mighty monster.

 Best Alternatives to Facebook in 2021 (Conservative, Free Speech):


Launched in August 2018, Parler is a free speech Facebook alternative used by traditionalists and conspiracy scientists. Unlike Facebook, it considers more about your privacy and gives you all the tools to freely share your views without having the worry of making your account removed.

In November 2020, Parler, Inc announced that it had over 10 million total users where 4 million users are actively using this “free-speech” social networking site. But, you should understand that some journalists have examined the content policy of Parler. According to users, Parler, Inc’s content policy is more limiting than it represents. So, before using this Facebook alternative, you should know its content policy thoroughly.


Rumble, a traditional alternative to Facebook launched in 2013, has got 4.7-star out of 5 (among 57.6K ratings as of January 10, 2021) on the Apple App Store and is used by millions of users globally.

This Facebook alternative not only allows you to share your viral videos while preserving your rights but also allows you to monetize them. According to the CEO of Rumble, Chris Pavlovski, the number of users is growing so fast, and the app has made featured on the list of the top apps at the App Store many times.


Mastodon launched in 2017 but wins a place among the top Facebook alternatives. All thanks to its fairly healthy people, effective devolution, easy interface, and community managing core! It absolutely made some influence on the social network situation. It’s a free, open-source social media program where you can create profiles and post whatever you want to — texts, images, videos, links — and certainly, follow many users. Within an example, users can follow one different, and they can even decide to follow people within other states. Mastodon is ad-free, the feed is only chronological and uncategorized, and the system doesn’t collect data from you.


What launched as a “Facebook killer” has now changed into a publishing and collaboration time that connects artists and creators. Born in 2014, Ello, a Facebook alternative, is a sign that welcomes each class of users. The service is all free to use, and doesn’t sell ads down its followers’ necks and doesn’t trade peoples’ data and data to 3rd parties. Just like each other social platforms, you can like, share, comment, and follow artists. There is also a story to share and sell your business through this social media platform.

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