How Technology Works in today changing World 2021

“We can’t get the last time we used something like this so important.”

How it Goes

About How Technology Works

How Technology Works in today changing World 2021, Have you always questioned yourself how the devices, gadgets, and devices that encompass our work? Discover the mysterious workings of common technology with this graphic design.

How Technology Works demystifies the device that holds the modern world going, from single objects such as zip ties and can openers to the latest, most advanced devices of the information era, including smartwatches, personal digital assistants, and driverless cars. It involves devices that have shaped the course of history, like the internal fire engine, as well as technologies that might be the key to our future durability, including solar cells and new species of farming to feed a burgeoning population.

During the book, step-by-step solutions are supported by simple and original graphics that take devices aside and show you how they operate. The opening chapter describes systems that underpin lots of devices, from fundamental workers to electricity to digital technology.

From there, things are grouped by application–such as the house, transport, and computing–making them simple to find and putting similar devices side by facet. How Technology Works is ideal for anyone who didn’t have an education in STEM subjects at school or is just curious about how the new world works.

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